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What you should know about the Premier League before betting

The Premier League is home to some of the most intense competition among clubs in Europe. It is also the highest football class in England, followed by lower divisions such as the EFL Championship and League Two.

The Premier League originates from the now obsolete EFL's First Division, which was the title of England's top flight league before the EPL took over. EPL's first-ever season kicked off in 1992, with 50 teams participating. Two of those are Welsh clubs, while the rest are English teams. 

How does an EPL season work?

Premier League teams earn points for every match they win, which shows throughout the season via their rank. If a game ends with a draw, both teams receive one point. The top four teams have a chance to join the prestigious Champions League, while the top five and six will participate in the Europa League.

The season runs from August to May, with a total of 38 games played—19 games on home ground and 19 away games. At the end of each EPL season, the bottom three teams are relegated back to the Championship, where they're replaced by the Championship's top three teams for the next season.

Premier League: Home to Europe’s best teams

When it comes to English Premier League betting, you would never run out of bet options. There are a lot of teams that play in a single matchday, 

Here are some of the best teams in the Premier League:


Arsenal is known for its success and glory in the Premier League. The team has been famous for its record of winning the 2004 league title without losing a single game under the leadership of the legendary Arsene Wenger, dubbed ‘The Invincibles’. The club remains one of the best options to bet on Premier League matches thanks to a competitive set of Arsenal betting odds in most of their games.

Arsenal has won three league titles and is one of the top teams that have never been relegated from the EPL table. The club also started a successful partnership with this crypto betting site in 2020. The Sportsbet Arsenal deal continues to give punters special promos and other exclusive offers while promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in sports betting.


Southampton takes pride in having one of the best youth academies, and they continue to strive for greatness in the Premier League. They remain one of the top picks for English Premier League odds in any game they play.

If you are keen to make the most of the Southampton betting odds, Sportsbet.io gives you a lot of betting markets that can lead to many handsome prizes. Like Arsenal, the club also has an ongoing partnership with the site. The Sportsbet Southampton partnership has helped the club become more accessible and popular to regular EPL punters.

Manchester City

Manchester City has risen through the ranks in the Premier League over the years, with six EPL titles in their belt. It makes them the second-winningest team in the league, following Manchester United.

Despite being the lesser club (due to popularity), City remains the fifth most valuable club in the world at $2.69 billion, according to Forbes in 2019. The club is also the first English team to win the domestic treble in 2019, winning four in total in the same year. With their impressive records, City is one of the favourites in most EPL betting odds.

Manchester United

Like City, United always stands as a favourite in the Premier League odds thanks to their sheer dominance. Manchester United is one of the most successful teams in Premier League history with 13 wins. The Red Devils’ prominence as a contender for the league title is still undeniable, and they remain on par with some of the best teams in the EPL.

The Red Devils share a rivalry with Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Leeds United. The reputation of being the most successful football club in England makes them a great option in Sportsbet Premier League betting.


Chelsea is another top EPL team that has six league titles to its franchise. Being one of the consistent top five teams has been a substantial feat for the Blues and is also an overall good EPL betting pick. 

The Blues remain one of the constant contenders in the English top-flight, and stay competitive at most. It makes them a reliable choice for you to enjoy winning considerable prizes in your Sportsbet football betting.

Other teams in the English Premier League

Other EPL teams that have not won championships but continue to provide quality games as they play at the highest level of English football. Some of these have come and gone due to relegation every season.

Here are the other teams in the English Premier League:

  • Liverpool

  • Tottenham

  • Newcastle

  • Leeds United

  • Brighton

  • Bournemouth

  • Fulham

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers

  • Aston Villa

  • Crystal Palace

  • West Ham

  • Leicester City

  • Nottingham Forest

  • Everton

  • Brentford

English Premier League betting types at Sportsbet.io

Winning is a delight in sports betting as you can enjoy rewarding prizes. If you have read any tips on betting on the EPL, you should know how the betting types work and how you can use them to your advantage.

In-play betting

In-play betting means you will place wagers on the game as it unfolds. Sportsbet.io gives you a chance to enjoy the games live and on-demand. You place wagers anytime you want as soon as kick-off begins. You can bet on a team to win before injury time begins, depending on how the match progresses.

English Premier League odds change in real-time with in-play betting. That is why watching matches live is helpful and making a more valid wager that can bring you winnings.

Outright betting

Outright betting is for punters considering wagering ahead of any event or match. It means you can find Premier League betting odds for outrights a month or weeks before the competition starts.

Here are some of the markets you can try in outright betting:

  • Winner - You are betting on who will win the Premier League title by the end of the season.

  • Top 3 - You will place bets on three teams to finish inside the top three and earn a shot at the Champions League.

  • Top 6 - You are betting on the league’s winner, qualified teams for both the Champions League and the Europa League.

  • Relegation - You will bet on which three teams you think will end up at the bottom three of the league table.

Reading EPL betting odds

Each match and market at Sportsbet.io has betting odds to show the likelihood of that particular market happening or a team winning. These odds are in three different formats, but each one determines the chances of the betting market happening or not. 

Here’s how you can read the different EPL betting formats:

  • American/Moneyline - American odds are displayed with plus and minus signs. The favourites will have a minus sign close to their number, while the underdogs will have a plus sign next to it.

  • Fractional - Fractional odds are numbers with a slash or hyphen. The team with a bigger numerator is a favourite, while the lower number is the underdog.

  • Decimal -  Decimal odds are numbers with decimal places. If a team has a lower number, then they are the favourites. A higher decimal place means they are the underdogs.

EPL betting tips: How to bet on the Premier League the right way

Betting on EPL matches can be a bit challenging, but you need to have a few helpful tactics to help you with your wagers in the English top-flight. With a lot at stake in Premier League betting, you should try to learn a few EPL betting tips that can help you earn big prizes:

  • Set a budget - This is a standard tip to help you avoid more losses by having a betting limit in your sessions.

  • Know more about the game - Playing teams and players play a huge role in how the game ends, so make sure you understand how they play against each other.

  • Check the stats - The stats say a lot about how a team will perform in a given game against a specific club, so you should be sure which side you should bet on.

  • Know the best betting markets - Betting markets work differently and can be a winning way if you know which one to use. It is why you should learn the differences between each market at Sportsbet.io.

Top EPL betting markets you can enjoy at Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io presents the best chances for you to enjoy an outstanding betting experience on EPL games. There are many Sportsbet football betting markets to choose from that can give you more winning prizes.

Here are some of the best markets you can try on EPL betting:

Game totals

The game total is a popular betting type among punters since it has a straightforward objective. You can bet on the total number of goals, assists, passes, tackles and more. To win in your bets, you must guess a specific stat that you think will be the number as soon as the match wraps up.

1x2 bets

1x2 bets allow you to bet on all possible results of the game. The one means the home team wins the game, while the 2 represent the win for the road team. On the other hand, the X is the wildcard bet you can make if you think the match will end in a draw instead.

Correct score

Betting on the correct score can be either on a single team’s goals or the game as a whole. This market is available until the first half of the game, which means you need to make a bet ahead of time in EPL Sportsbet betting.


Learning to read Sportsbet Premiership odds is a must for many punters if they want to make the most of their chances in betting on the best matches. Handicaps level the odds between two teams, and either is given a head start or a deduction in their points and must win the game by meeting their respective conditions for the best to win.

Winner bet

A winner bet is the most straightforward bet you can make. You need to place wagers on a single team you think has a chance to win. 

Make the most of your EPL betting with crypto betting

Sportsbet.io offers an excellent chance for many punters to enjoy their options of betting on EPL matches. Crypto betting is the best way to come up with a winning shot in each of these games. Sportsbet.io offers a wide array of crypto options for punters to enjoy, and this is a great experience you would not want to miss on Premier League matches.

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